The NeoVid/Base64 Story

Keep in mind, I have a really shitty memory, so some details might be wrong. Most of it should be close to correct, though.

Time to finally lay this retarded thing to rest. It all started in April(?) of 2017, when VidBitFuture was looking like it was going down the shitter (which it eventually did). So JP and myself decided we were gonna rape the system and start our own video site, made completely from scratch. I would do the frontend (and eventually help with the backend once I got better at PHP), and he would do the backend. Seems simple enough, but being that it's the Vidlii/Vidbit/VidBitFuture/fuck community, everything has to go wrong.

For starters, I seemed to be the only one working on anything. As I said before, my job was to make it look pretty, while JP made it actually work. As far as I know, JP didn't write a single line of PHP for that entire project, since he never showed me anything or said he was working on it.